Who we are

The new Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland encourages bold thinking that crosses the boundaries of science, art and design, technology and business in everyday problem solving. Our vision is that the best people connect and succeed at Aalto University, an institution internationally recognised for the impact of its science, art, and learning.

We strive to change the world through top-quality interdisciplinary research, pioneering education, surpassing traditional boundaries, and innovation. We educate responsible, broadminded experts with a comprehensive understanding of complex subjects, to act as society's visionaries.

In our daily actions and decisions we emphasise passion for exploring boundaries, freedom to be creative and critical, courage to influence and excel and responsibility to care, accept and inspire. All our activities are guided by high ethics, openness, and equality.

At Aalto University, you learn not only to innovate but to realise your ideas. We already have a strong visual identity, which celebrates creativity and co-creation. The visual identity consists of a few simple elements, which transform into numerous combinations, giving the identity an exciting, ever-changing tone.

What we want

We are looking for a 30 second Aalto audio theme, which together with our messages and visual identity strengthens the University brand.

The theme should be usable in various contexts, e.g. in audiovisual material, on YouTube, at live events when giving presentations or waiting for the speaker to start, and even as a ring tone for mobile phones. The theme should be created so that it can be played through once or looped, as necessary, to create a longer piece.

The Aalto theme should be timeless yet groundbreaking, and easily identifiable for years to come. It should symbolise the values of Aalto University: freedom, responsibility, courage, passion and high ethics.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to create something truly unique!

The contest is held on the AudioDraft contest platform. You must go to the contest site on AudioDraft, register yourself as a user and submit your entry on AudioDraft. The contest site on AudioDraft can be found here: AudioDraft - Create a theme for the Home of Ideas

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